Striving for an economy that thinks and acts in circles, we connect producers and consumers through the stories behind the products.
Founded on the belief that we are better off when the journey a product takes is transparent & open, we provide the necessary tools to gather and display emissions, involved parties, costs and more, leading to an interactive digital product profile and the ecular score, which empowers consumers to make more sustainable choices.

How we build the circular directory

While no product is perfectly circular, we've searched for brands which are making a clear effort to incorporate circular values. The three areas we consider are

  • production (how sustainable materials and manufacturing processes are),
  • use (design features which make a product more circular),
  • and closing the loop (how waste is avoided).
    All the brands are also rated according to a set of pre-defined circular features, such as whether their products are available to lease, designed for easy repair, or are produced using renewable energy.

Who we are

Ecular is built by an interdisciplinary team located in the UK and Austria. To join the team or become an early tester of ecular, sign up for the mailing list or reach out at