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Stroud, United Kingdom
Last updated on 01.12.2021

With a refreshingly small selection of skincare products on offer, Wildefruit was launched in 2020 to create natural, sustainable skincare formulations that are gentle on sensitive skin. Based in Stroud, the brand has already received numerous awards for its free-from skincare.

Every product is at least 50% upcycled.

All skincare is cruelty-free.

Processed in an eco-facilty using e.g. wind/solar power


Wildefruit use ingredients like mango and rice which are byproducts of food production, and when they use plants like mooring, they use all parts so none is wasted. Kaolin is sourced locally in the UK.


The only non-recyclable packaging parts are the pump and pipettes, which are ordered separately so can be ordered once and then reused.

Closing the loop

The skincare ingredients cause zero waste, and packaging is made from recyclable aluminium and glass.

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