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London, United Kingdom
Last updated on 25.11.2021

A skincare company co-founded by a brother and sister team in 2016, UpCircle started out using waste coffee grounds to make face scrubs and has since embraced a range of waste products, mainly from the food and drink industry, to use as ingredients in its award-winning skincare.

All cruelty-free.

Uses by-products from food and drink.

Return & refill scheme.

Packaging is fully recyclable.


UpCircle sources ingredients which would otherwise end up in landfill, such as coffee grounds, fruit stones, chamomile stems and residual chai tea spices. All skincare products are made in the UK, but there is little available information on the supply chain.


Closing the loop

Empty containers can be returned to be refilled and then sent back to you, at 20% cheaper than the original price.

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