The R Collective

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Hong Kong Island, China
Last updated on 01.12.2021

The R Collective is a social impact business founded in 2017 to rescue, reuse and recycle high-quality unwanted fabrics to prevent textile waste through landfill and incineration. Some of these fabrics include wool, cashmere, and lyocell. By using surplus and end-of-roll fabrics, their collections often come in limited editions. Clothes can also be made to order.

Verified by independent third-party.

Take-back scheme for clothes.


By rescuing high-calibre unwanted textiles, The R Collective bypass environmentally-costly virgin textiles. They also build long-lasting partnerships with manufactures and ensure that all adhere to a Code of Conduct.


Provide extensive care and styling tips to ensure clothes can be used as long as possible, and are designed for easy repair and altering.

Closing the loop

Clothes can eventually be returned in the take-back scheme to be given a second life. Fabrics unsuitable for direct use in clothes are recycled to recover fibres, which can be spun into new yarns to create new fabrics.

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