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Albacete, Spain
Last updated on 24.11.2021

Founded in Spain, TeTra-Trik has designed a range of products using tetrapak waste, from clocks to rotating lamps to toothbrush holders. Designs are sold in various formats to suit a variety of budgets and time availabilities: TetraOBJECTO is ready made, tetraPUZZLE provides a kit of ready-cut tetrapak pieces with instructions, and tetraORIGAMI gives you all the instructions to produce designs using your own tetrapaks.

Upcycled tetrapaks.

Tetrabricks can be arranged in different ways.


Tetrapaks, although marketed as recyclable, are difficult to recycle due to the different layers of materials, so at best it's 'downcycling', as it's not possible to create a new tetrapak from a used one. The designer of TeTra-Trik collects used tetrapaks from friends and family, as well as using recycled PLA to print the objects' prosthesis. Items trade aesthetic packaging for instead being shipped in reused cardboard boxes.


TeTra-Trik items, whether decorative world maps or functional lamps, are designed to last.

Closing the loop

Tetrabricks are currently impossible to recyclable in Spain, so the purpose of TeTra-Trik is to increase the useful lifespan of tetrapaks, but there's no clear way to close the loop.

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