Nudie Jeans

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Gothenburg, Sweden
Last updated on 25.11.2021

Nudie is a Swedish denim brand with a focus on sustainability. The organic cotton jeans are designed to be worn and broken in over 6 months, creating a personal relationship with your jeans. Nudie offers free repairs forever and your denim can go back in the loop as second-hand jeans or as raw materials for new products.

Take-back scheme for jeans.

Lifelong free repairs


Most jeans are made of a mixture of recycled cotton and organic virgin cotton, which has a lower environmental impact than standard cotton. Detailed information on every stage of production is available for each item.


Lifelong free repairs are guaranteed for any pair of Nudie jeans, with Repair Shops and Repair partners across several locations. You can also order a free repair kit.

Closing the loop

Jeans can be returned and are ideally resold or used for repair patches. However, if this is not possible, Nudie has a scheme in which jeans are shredded through mechanical recycling and used in their Rebirth collection. Unsold garments are returned to warehouses, and extra fabrics may be used in future lines or sold.

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