MUD Jeans

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Laren, Netherlands
Last updated on 24.11.2021

MUD Jeans was founded in the Netherlands with the aim to make jeans circular. Jeans made from recycled and organic cotton, and old jeans are repurposed into new ones. Their jeans are also available for leasing.

All jeans can be returned to give them a new life.

Lease rather than buy jeans


MUD Jeans are made of 40% post-consumer recycled cotton, the highest on the market for denim. The rest is organic cotton, and when synthetic fibres are used to make jeans more elastic, the synthetic content is kept below 4% to keep jeans recyclable. A pair of MUD jeans uses 94% less water and has 74% fewer CO2 emissions than industry standard.


Rather than owning jeans, MUD Jeans allows you to lease jeans for €9,95 a month. After 12 months, payment stops and you can keep jeans, swap them for a new pair or send them back to be recycled. There's also a free repairs service during your lease period.

Closing the loop

All jeans returned to MUD are used to make new jeans, either through being repaired and resold as vintage jeans, or by being shredded to create recycled material for new jeans.

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