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Copenhagen, Denmark
Last updated on 08.12.2021

MODU is a Danish company designing sustainable and intellectually stimulating toys which promote motor skills in children. These toys are designed to be multipurpose and can be adapted and rebuilt as a child ages to meet their changing interests and skills.

Toys can be adapted in many ways.

Toys adapt to changing interests.

All materials are recyclable.


Pegs are made of 100% recyclable ABS-plastic and blocks use non-toxic EVA foam, with the ambition to go bio-based. Regular visits and checks on manufacturing are made to ensure responsible practices.


MODU is designed to be multifunctional so that toys can be repurposed as kids age and grow out of certain toys, designed to last for many more years.

Closing the loop

All materials are fully recyclable, although there are no clear recycling instructions.

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