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Zurich, Switzerland
Last updated on 30.11.2021

FREITAG began in 1993 in Zurich, with the inspiration to use old truck tarps, discarded bicycle tubes and car seatbelts to make waterproof, robust bags. Every bag is unique and fashioned on a one-on-one basis. Working on making their products even more circular by developing materials that are endlessly recyclable, FREITAG also launched an innovative platform called S.W.A.P.: Shopping Without Any Payment. This is a Tinder-style bag exchange where FREITAG owners can swap their bags for free. Anyone can also go for a tour of the factory at Nœrd.

Giving a new use for old truck tarps.

Highly durable and repairable.

Exchange bags on S.W.A.P. platform.


As well as using discarded materials like truck tarps, FREITAG also developed F-ABRIC, a new biodegradable raw material produced in-house for apparel.


Bags are durable and high-quality, designed to last for generations, and are easy to maintain and repair. The S.W.A.P. platform allows pre-loved bags to remain in circulation for longer.

Closing the loop

Using them in bags increases the lifetime of truck tarps, but FREITAG recognises that they will still eventually be incinerated, so are working on a new kind of infinitely recyclable truck tarp, hoping to bring out the first prototype in 2022.

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