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Burlingame, United States
Last updated on 22.11.2021

San Fransisco-based start-up Framework rolled out their first laptop in summer 2021. The Framework is a high-performance, lightweight notebook that's designed to last twice as long as competitors thanks to its modularity - making it easy to customise, upgrade and repair. It can also be bought in a customisable kit of modules for you to assemble as you like.

Modular, repairable laptops.

Designed to last twice as long.


The Framework uses a 50% post-consumer recycled aluminium housing, 30% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable packaging, although sustainable materials are not as much of a focus of the start-up as modularity.


Laptops are modular and repairable, intending to double the lifespan of a laptop.

Closing the loop

There's less e-waste as laptops can be repaired easily and used for longer, but there doesn't seem to be a solution for laptops which are no longer repairable.

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