Camera Rescue

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Tampere, Finland

Camera Rescue was started in Finland in 2010 by a group of photographers passionate about preserving film cameras for future generations. They've hit their goal of rescuing over 100 000 cameras, and it's simple: you can trade in your old, damaged camera for cash, and the team will thoroughly inspect and refurbish cameras to be resold. This makes film cameras much more affordable, compared to new ones on the market. They're also moving their project focus to education and started a Camera Rescue School in 2021.

Second-hand cameras.


Camera Rescue works with pre-owned items, and repairs are performed by a small team of experts.


They promote repairing rather than throwing away old cameras, including a search tool of the world's best repair centres on their website.

Closing the loop

Camera Rescue brings new life to unused, forgotten and damaged cameras; you can also sell them your camera for them to repair and resell, closing the loop on cameras.

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