Bolt Beauty

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, United Kingdom

Bolt offers compact, travel-sized skincare that comes in 'drops' which contain a single dose of a skincare product: you twist and squeeze the drop to release the cleanser or moisturiser, apply it, and then dissolve the drop in hot water. The drops are made of a fully biodegradable, seaweed-based material and come in stackable containers or jars, with refills sent in compostable bags.

Biodegradable drops leave no waste.

Refills come in compostable bags.


Drops are made from carrageenan, claimed to be a sustainable seaweed grown on small scale farms in parts of Asia.


After use, drops can be dissolved in water, and the result can be a good fertiliser for watering plants. They can also be added directly to compost bins, where they allegedly biodegrade 70% in 12 days.

Closing the loop

Jars and stackable containers are designed to be used for life, so rather than getting refills in new containers, they're sold in compostable bags.

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