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Stockholm, Sweden
Last updated on 22.11.2021

Minimalistic Swedish clothing brand striving to restore the value of garments by creating meaningful essentials. Known for bold campaigns against fast fashion and taking a realistic approach to the climate crisis. Each items comes with a transparent price breakdown, and in 2018 they launched 'Full Traceability', which means that product labels trace each raw component in a garment back to its origins.

Clothing designed to be timeless.

Nothing has to go to landfill.

Detailed information about product impact.


ASKET have committed to using 100% organic cotton, and they're 71% of the way there. Packaging is minimal and plastic-free. The 'impact receipt' of a product gives the CO2 emissions, water and energy use for each of the areas of raw materials, milling, manufacturing, trims and transport. All factories are listed on the website complete with data about each one. Team members are given additional 5 days' 'climate leave' to incentivise train travel during annual leave.


Detailed care and repair guides for clothes are available on the website.

Closing the loop

Unwanted clothes can be sent back to be repaired, renewed, resold or recycled through the Revival Program: nothing goes to landfill.

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