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Copenhagen, Denmark

Born in Denmark, AIAIAI's flagship product is the TMA-2 modular headphone. You can buy a complete curated model, individual parts to modify or upgrade an existing pair, or build your own using tutorials - from a customisable choice of speaker units, ear pads, headbands and cables.

Designed for disassembly.


Headphone padding is made of PU-leather, a durable synthetic material whose negative environmental impact is almost three times lower than traditional cow leather. Some of their speaker units have a 'bio-diaphragm' made of bacterial cellulose, which is renewable, biodegradable and is said to have great acoustic properties. However, there is no information on the carbon footprint of production.


Headphones are 'designed for disassembly', and individual parts can be purchased to replace or upgrade components. Repair guides are coming soon.

Closing the loop

Some components can technically be recycled, but recycling instructions for most are not yet available. Modularity keeps headphones in use for longer but they don't have a clear end-of-life plan.

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